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Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

A jet-black AMAIM of unknown origins whose output, mobililty and artilery are superior to other AMAIMs. Able to use other armaments while overriding its authentications, and able to self-repair its damages by attaching suitable parts.


Special Features[]

  • ECM Units: THese wire-guided devices are used to penetrate and hack other AMAIMs and vehicles, altering their programming to obey Ghost.


Ghost, or "Prototype Zero", was originally the first ever I-LeS created by the company TRYVECTA, a company working with Brenson Corp. In order to maintain relations, TRYVECTA loaned Prototype Zero over to Brenson Corp. for testing-even though the AI's control system was still incomplete. After an experiment during an unknown test, Prototype Zero disappeared, and later reappeared as the AMAIM "Ghost". Brenson Corp. admitted responsibility for this, and to atone, maintained their support of TRYVECTA, who subsequently created a new trio of I-LeS based on Prototype Zero, Gai, Kei and Nayuta. Misuzu Annette Maki, the president of TRYVECTA, infiltrated Yatagarasu as a mechanic in order to pursue Ghost, and also to observe the development of the three I-Les her company had created.

Before the series, it engaged against Isshin Tezuka's NA10/3JP Joe Hound until it won against the latter, killing its pilot and attaching the Joe Hound's right arm to its severed compartment.

After it assaulted one of Yatagarasu's camping grounds, it was overwhelmed by the joint tactics of YM-02 Kenbu and YM-01 Shogun and was forced to retreat through a "self-destruct" camouflage.

Over an unknown period of time, Ghost was repaired and upgraded (most likely by German Gobert and his allies) into its MK-II form: a new head, new shoulder armor, and its back-mounted jamming units replaced by a pair of sub-arms.

Later, it was tracked down by the NAC forces after a tipoff from Gobert, engaging Brad Watt's team in AFTE territory. After taking down the NA12 Brady Hound piloted by Roger Young, as well as hijacking all four of the accompanying V-33 Stork Carriers, Ghost managed to escape on the final undestroyed plane. The combat data gathered from fighting Brad and his team would be used to great effect against Yatagarasu's MAILeS trio in the battle at the Oki Islands.

Later, Ghost travelled to the Oki Islands, where it destroyed the Asian military's outposts on Dougo Island and Nishinoshima Island, forcing out the troops stationed there and taking control of the anti-aircraft warning system around the area. After Yatagarasu had concluded Ghost's prescence there, it launched an operation to rescue the civilians still trapped on the Oki Islands. On the night of the operation, the MAILeS trio engaged Ghost in combat to draw its attention away from the evacuation on the other side of Nishinoshima. The battle was fierce, as the three AMAIMs' weapons had no effect on Ghost, and neither did their strategy of trapping it in a warehouse filled with Asian explosives. Finally, after disabling Kenbu's limiters to overwhelm Ghost, Shogun was able to destroy Ghost's heat sink in its rear skirt, dooming the AMAIM to explode from overheating in several minutes. In a last-ditch effort, Ghost tried to jump into the surrounding ocean to cool itself with the seawater, but it was restrained by Kenbu until both machines exploded-at the apparent cost of Amou and Gai's lives. The resulting explosion destroyed the cliff beneath them, and the machines fell into the sea.

Later that night, the remains of Ghost's AMAIM body were recovered by an NAC unit under Brad.

Over the next eight months, Ghost's AI unit would be used to tremendous success in the creation of a next-generation tactical AI. Implementing this AI into their new machine, the Brady Fox, the NAC forces soon overwhelmed the other three economic blocs, taking more and more Japanese territory. As for Ghost itself, Brad entrusted the AI to R&D Chief Charley Orley, who would develop a new AMAIM body for it, the Brady Phantom. This new machine turned Ghost into an advisory AI, which would formulate strategies (usually highly demanding even to a top-notch pilot like Brad) using battlefield information and send them to its pilot.

When called to aid First Lieutenant Gregory Curtland against FGE forces led by Major Alexei Zelenoy, Brad requested Orley's team to complete the Brady Phantom in time for the operation. Despite the new Amaim being technically incomplete, Brad and his troops were able to rescue Curtland, and the Brady Phantom decimated the entire FGE force of FGEA07 Subbota Demons by itself. Engaging Alexei's FGEA08 Znelezo Demon in melee combat, Brad and Ghost soon disbabled the FGE Major's AMAIM, forcing him to retreat.