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YM-02 Kenbu is an MAILeS-type AMAIM featured in AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline. It is piloted by Shiiba Amou.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

The MAILeS Kenbu was originally developed by the Yatagarasu resistance as part of their mission to reclaim back Japan. For unknown reasons, the unit was left incomplete in an abandoned factory until an orphaned student named Amou Shiiba discovered it and used his mechanical talents to complete it using spare parts he scavenged from other AMAIMs.

By chance, he came across "Gai", a mysterious but an advanced AI unit which is actually Kenbu's key component to operate to its fullest combat potential. It is more advanced and unmatched unlike other AMAIMs due to the co-operation of a human pilot physically in its cockpit and an AI assisting with its massive data processing, which increases its combat specs per battle.

After Amou and Gai joined Yatagarasu, Kenbu was upgraded with enhanced armor and new weapons.


  • Shield: Used for extra defense. Has a hidden blade.
  • 60mm Portable Autocannon (60mm携行機関砲): Fires combustible cartridge-case ammunition that can pierce through almost all modern armor.
  • Super-Heated Vibro Sword (超熱振式戦闘直刀): A sword that slice anything using its extremely heated edge and high-speed vibration.
  • Super-Heated Vibro Claw (腕部超熱振式戦闘爪): A new melee weapon sent from Brenson Corp which incorporates the same technology as the Vibro Sword. It can also be used as an armguard for defense.

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